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KinderCam is the state-of-the-art childcare center communications system and one of the largest providers of childcare viewing systems in the nation.

We have a national network of childcare centers which use our protected and secure internet child viewing service. With multiple locations now in many states, KinderCam is experiencing tremendous growth which will soon bring us to an area near you.

KinderCam has not only developed the technology to become one of the leading childcare viewing companies, we also have the technical, management and support staff to provide the high-quality service demanded by today's parents and childcare centers.

If help is required after installation of a KinderCam system, a technician will be dispatched within 48 hours if the situation cannot be remedied remotely. We also support a toll-free help line for parents on the system, or parents and centers can Email Kindercam with questions about the system's operation.

Call 1-(877)-221-6516 (TOLL FREE) | e-mail: